Learn More About Video Animations for Use in Commercials

Animated videos for commercial use are usually created for various reasons. These videos are aimed at promoting a brand, product, service or the company itself. The videos are usually aired on television, social media sites like Facebook and other digital outlets. They have commercial purposes like driving traffic to campaign pages thus increasing sales. Here’s an overview!

Why Go for Video Animation for Commercial Use?

Animated videos for commercials are idyllic for introducing new products in a market. With these types of videos, you can articulate complicated ideas to a product’s specifications and bring out the product’s value in a simple way. They effectively create interest as they have infinite combination of voiceovers, illustration style and music that evoke emotion. The commercial viewer therefore gets an easier way of understanding a message.

Characteristics of These Videos?

• They are short, usually 15 – 30 seconds

• They have a strong product recall

• They have continuous animation switches

• They are designed with a strong call to action

• The animation styles for these video is usually a mix of frame by frame animation and media animation

Take a Look at the Statistics

According to statistics from video producers, 81% of businesses using these animated videos for commercials increase their sales by over 60%. Digging even deeper, 76% of the firms using these videos claim that this has been the perfect platform of increasing their sales. 81% of the commercial’s’ viewers have bought or loved products and or services after watching the commercial animated videos. These videos therefore form a vibrant and hyper-engaging platform ideal for capturing any viewer’s attention.

When are the Animated Commercial Videos Effective?

Video producers advice businesses to focus on animated commercial videos as they are best used for:

• Quickly building a brands’ awareness to the top of the funnel

• Creating a very strong brand recall

• Remarketing campaigns so as to create the best ROI

• Nurture potential customers