The video production process

Video is everywhere, but do you know how to do video production like a pro? Do you know? Should I bother?

In this new world of media, many suspected experts are doing a great job explaining why a video is excellent and why you should produce video content for your website or blog. It is no secret that online video can help you build relationships with potential customers. It can help you become a brand as an expert, or help you control SEO, and the list goes on.

There is no doubt that video is one of the most effective means of education, persuasion, and it is in everyone’s hands. The power of video, which was dedicated to video production companies and news broadcasts, is not only more expensive than ever but thanks to mobile devices and especially the iPhone, you get incredible quality for nothing.

Your goal should always be to produce as professional a video as possible using the available tools. That may not implies that you should buy the most expensive HD camera. The quality of your video is not determined by the money you spend, but by the techniques you use. People know a video well when they see it, and a poorly produced video can be wrong for your brand.

Here are three elements that each video should include:

1) Great photos

2) great sound

3) Clear message or story

It’s that simple, but those are not the steps I mentioned earlier.

If you are a follower, much of the information here will be essential, but if it is not, and you try to produce your video, or if you think about it, it is priceless. Shared tips have been learned during years of story production and video projects for news, networks, corporate clients and online channels.

Therefore, return to the three production steps that will help ensure that your final product is something you can be proud of. That is the same process that every professional video producer follows. Are you ready


During the pre-production phase, you must write everything related to your video. The Objectives, message, location, accessories, camera equipment, talent, and stage must be clarified.


If you complete step 1, step 2 should be very easy, and you should shoot without any obstacles. Of course, Murphy’s law governs video production, so be prepared for some unexpected challenges.


Once you’ve captured everything, it’s time to make a magical video. You must follow the script or the scheme, add some music and graphics, and by the time you finish editing, you must have something to be proud of. If not, create another video. Every time you do this, you will learn something that will help you become a better product.

The outcome of your video production depends on your ability to plan, implement and create. It is not difficult to learn or master the language, and once you learn the necessary steps, many shortcuts and tricks will speed up the process.