Nail Shop Paris | Episode 01 | Recap


I’m just trying this drama out. It has all the making of a horrid idol-rific mess, but right now that kinda appeals to me. Yay for lame plots!


We start with some trippin’ Joseon garb wandering at night. It decides to make out with some lady it just made, which might be ok if the lady didn’t have red glowy eyes and wasn’t being hunted by a giant furby. The lady pulls out a flame thrower and tries to escape but furby turns on the Joseon garb. No! Don’t stab the pretty fabric! Even if the boy inside would squirt out beautiful red blood! (Maybe I should figure out which idol this is before I attempt to kill him? Nah, too lazy.)

Well the Joseon Garb tell the glowy eyes to run away, but they refuse to leave so the garb decides to stab itself. I’m not the only one objecting this time, but the other people are objecting for silly reasons. Like it doesn’t make sense for the character to die! What nonsense is this? It always makes sense for a character to die. And even worse they want to bring dead characters back to life. All kinds of immortality hogwash.


The publisher decides to put all his doubts aside and sign a contract with the author even if her plot is full of gaps. He even hints that the book could be made into a movie. He asks the author when she got the idea to write about furbies and gumihos and the author seriously tells him that she met a gumiho when she was six years old. (And she’s never been the same since. Catches frisbees with her teeth, you know, odd stuff like that.)

The writer is about to sign when the publisher finds out that the book is getting a lot of netizen hate. (But doesn’t everything get a lot of netizen hate in South Korea.)


Apparently the plot is too similar to the-book-which-shall-not-ever-be-name-on-my-blog and she loses the contract. She stays up all night trying to come up with something completely awesome, but keeps worrying that she is copying from a book or a movie. Her roommate advises her to stalk a real person and write a story about her prey.


She goes to the train station and finds someone picking his nose. She decides that he’d be an intriguing subject, but gets distracted by a young man who saves a girl who has been taken hostage. The nosepicker vanishes and the writer decides to trail the hot boy who is reading a book!!!! Nom. Nom. Nom. (Paper tastes so delicious.)


She follows the book to “Nail Shop Paris” and finds out that he’s a manicurist there, which is not as cool as a vigilante reader so she flees after a yellow wig asks her if she wants a manicure. She comes back when she realizes that a male manicurist would at least be a unique character. She notices a sign that says they are hiring cross dressers. She decides to apply.


Her roommate chops off her hair with a butcher knife. (Don’t worry she wiped the blood off before she used it on the writer’s hair.) Writer dresses like an elementary school student and struts into the nail shop where she proceeds to cough up a lung. Eventually the blonde wig notices her and asks her to pick her lung back up. She gets her lung back and spits out that she wants to be hired and is taken back for an interview as she conspicuously takes pictures with her phone. (I mean is serious make the shutter click noise.) The other guy, who I should not nickname Pete, notices her.


The lady boss gives Writer a glare. A very long glare. And then she holds Writer’s hands and goes on and on about males being the only people who are able to warm a woman’s heart. (Uh, and there I was thinking the lady boss is a gumiho and only wants to munch on male livers. Seriously, at least that excuse makes sense.)

Book Boy massages some woman’s hand and point out that she many have anemia. An ahjussi wonders in. He asks how much the design on the wall would cost and wanders out. Everybody is freaked out because the ahjussi was well creepy.

The boss lady even goes as far as to compare the boys in her shop to the Paris from Greek mythology and for being wise handsome men who heal woman’s hearts. Paris is known for defeating Achilles, leering at naked women, kidnapping (or in some cases seducing) Helen of Troy, and starting the Trojan War. He also turned down Athena’s offer of wisdom and strength in battle for Aphrodite’s offer of the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m not really sure this guy counts as a hero.

Writer fights off one of her roommate’s lovers and then grabs her roommate’s wrist and drags her into the apartment. Oh yeah, this isn’t going to get confusing. Fake man living with a girl. They’ll probably end up fake dating at some point.


Writer goes into work and Blonde Wig takes a liking to her immediately and nicknames her Bunny. (I think I can deal with that nickname.) Pete, the other boy, wonders why Bunny is so curious about Book Boy, Alex.

Blonde Wig takes Bunny to the dressing room and when Bunny acts embarrassed he leaves and Bunny starts recording notes on Alex. That is going to be really awkward when Pete finds that, Bunny. Just a little warning for you. It’s also going to be awkward when he finds you rifling through Alex’s locker, sniffing Alex’s soap, or staring at his canned coffee. Stalker Alert!

Bunny meets her competition who warns her that the Paris boys all have rabid fangirls. She explains their roles. Jin (Blonde Wig) is the Sunshine Angel. Kei (Pete) is the Ice Prince. Alex is famous with all woman over thirty because he used to practice traditional medicine, but stopped because of some accident. (It involved a hippo, a trampoline, and an orange miniskirt. Don’t ask. I can’t make things up that quickly.)


The creeper ahjussi comes back with his wife. His wife has a burn on her hand, but the Paris boys handle her professionally while Alex interrogates the creeper ahjussi. The ahjussi wanted to get her a wedding ring but after the accident decided that a manicure would be better. (Uh. She can still wear a ring. It’s not like Gollum bit her finger off or anything.)

The woman isn’t willing to get her fingers painted so when Alex rings them up he acts like they won a special prize and can come in the next day for a special manicure, free of charge. Apparently, Bunny is the only one idiotic enough not to get that he’s acting. For a writer she’s not very observant.

Alex and Pete stay late to work on a special wedding themed design for the couple. Blonde Wig drags Bunny away and rattles on about having a party, dancing penguins, and Alex’s tragic past. (Oh, hospital internships suddenly cancelled is just so tragic. Gah! I want to stab my eyes out it’s so cliché.)


Alex stays up all night coming with a design and Bunny is so moved and oddly surprised when her heart starts thumping after he ruffles her hair. (You know, for a plagarizing author she is lacking in the recognizing clichés department.)

She bumps into Pete in the dressing room and awkwardly helps him put on a back patch. She also trips and gives him the opportunity to feel her breasts. She freaks out, but he doesn’t realize anything.


The couple comes in for the manicure and the design is supposed to look like a wedding ring, but it looks more like a good way to claw your eye out when you’re wiping away a tear. (Cough. 3D nail art is just dangerous.) The couple is also presented with a gift certificate to a hotel.

Bunny gets her proper welcoming party. The owner of the restaurant has her pick out a tarot card and say that her card means she has a secret. When she denies this he suggests that it could mean a love triangle instead. Ugh. Thanks for smacking us with a frying pan instead of some clever foreshadowing.


Blonde Wig suggests that they drink and then crash at Alex’s place. Bunny decides that this is the best stalker move ever especially as she’ll be wasted. She falls asleep next to Blonde Wig but rejects his cuddles to poke around Alex’s apartment. It might seem normal for her to poke through his fridge but Pete catches her recording notes on its cleanliness.


Pete brings her outside and declares her to be a gay stalker. She denies it and he wonders if she’s a girl. Wait, where did he come to the conclusion from? I can’t follow the non-logic here.

Bunny decides to quit if anything happens the next day. As she goes to work she notices a cup of hot coffee sitting by the doorstep and takes it inside. Alex assumes it’s for him and steals it. (Why are you picking up cups of coffee off the ground and shouldn’t you warn the guy that he’s about to be poisoned?)

Pete drags Bunny outside and tells her to move boxes to prove that she’s a man. (Really, this is the best plan you can come up with? I think there are other ways to prove your theory that may work better even if they are slightly illegal.) Bunny only moves one box before she Alex collapses. The coffee had glue and they start yelling at Bunny for giving the coffee to Alex till they decide to check the CCTV. Apparently their VIP client, Tae Hee, was the one to leave the poisoned cup out, but who was her target. (Tune in next time to find out the secret tale of Tae Hee the saesang fan.)


This drama is actually pretty fun, but it’s nothing new and has every cliché possible. I wish that Bunny were a bit more clever because she’s the only original character in this drama. Every other character seems be copied straight from some writing 101 book, but at least the drama seems to be embracing it’s clichés full-heartedly and even pointing them out. I’d like to see if they could twist the clichés in someway or another, but I don’t know that the idol actors could actually portray complex characters. Well here’s to a drama of meaningless fluff with some feel good morals shoved down our throats and still enjoying it because well sometimes that’s all we need.

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  1. dewaanifordrama says:

    Oh wow! I don’t think I will be watching this, but I most certainly will be reading your recaps. You are as ever brilliantly hilarious in your prose.

    1. MadDino says:

      Thanks! I’m still not sure whether I’ll continue recapping. Episode 2 doesn’t look very promising, but I had a lot of fun writing this recap.

      1. dewaanifordrama says:

        Well, even if you don’t end up recapping the rest, this was very enjoyable to read ^^

  2. Ashley says:

    I ended up dropping this one, but this was very fun to read.
    Was I the only one who thought it was a bit ridiculous how awkward she was about putting on that patch on Kei’s back? I mean, she’s a full grown woman.

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