Five Fingers | Episode 11 | Recap

Lesson learned: It took how many episodes to get used to the last hair cut and only one to get used to this one. Mmm…it’s sexy with some extra angst.


Ji Ho reveals that Lawyer Choi has been spreading lies about him and asks if someone else has been directing him. Lawyer Choi is about to bring Rich Mommy down with him when she faints. Ji Ho rushes to her side and brings her safely home. Did he only get Lawyer Choi? Nope. He got both of them. He listens to more of the recording, which has Rich Mommy giving orders. Rich Mommy hears him listening and confronts him about it. She tells him that she did it because she felt that In Ha needed the extra love. She also tries to maintain that she loved Ji Ho and In Ha equally, but now she need to give In Ha all of her love and that she saved his life during the fire out of love for his father. Liar! Liar!

Rich Mommy turns around and tells her mom that she’s torturing Ji Ho to get back at Rich Daddy. I don’t know what kind of backwards logic that is, but I love that she’s evil.


Ji Ho throws a fit about how unfair the world is. Rich Mommy’s mom comes in to talk to him. She tells him that when Rich Daddy brought Ji Ho back that he did it out of love for his wife. Well now I have this idea that Ji Ho may actually be Rich Mommy’s illegitimate child, but I’m not quite sure how that would work. It makes his cuddling habits all the creepier now. At least we are done with that.

Rich Mommy promises Rich Daddy’s grave that she’ll stop caring for Ji Ho now? Wait, when did you ever promise to car for him? So confused! Do you really know what mothering is because it seems more like your dating your “son” out of revenge? This is probably the result of watching too many melodramas.


Ji Ho steals candy from Da Mi.

Rich Mommy’s mom picks on In Ha because he’s rude to his brother.


Ji Ho gives 30% of his shares to In Ha to pay back the debt of Rich Mommy saving him and because he promised his father to be kind to his brother. Gah! I want to strangle him! You brother doesn’t deserve you pity.


In Ha has problems playing the piano for his next concert with Professor Ha. He hires someone else play for him, but Professor Ha realizes right away and strips him of the chance to be his successor.


Rich Mommy’s stalker has Da Mi’s brother enter negotiation with Rich Mommy. He gives the brother a pen and asks him why he hates Rich Mommy so much. The brother gives an abridged version without any specifics then he meets with Rich Mommy and reels her in with a contract and promises of severed heads, or um…mermaid piano. Rich Mommy notices his pen and decides to stalk her stalker.


Da Mi’s mom cracks into Lawyer Choi’s safe, but he’s already moved all the evidence to a safe deposit box. All her cleaning was in vain. Ha!


Professor Ha meets with Rich Mommy, Ji Ho, and In Ha to discuss whether or not In Ha can be reinstated. Professor Ha is only interested in whether or not Ji Ho was framed. He does propose that the two brothers fight to be his successor, but Ji Ho is adamant that he won’t participate.


Da Mi and Ji Ho lament the fact that their fathers died. (But that was my favorite part!) They hug.


Rich Mommy’s mom is a genius and gives Ji Ho the sweatshirt that Rich Mommy had originally given to In Ha. Ji Ho bumps into someone and hurts himself. Rich Mommy overreacts until she realizes that he isn’t In Ha.


Finally all the pieces fit together and Ji Ho realizes what happened with the fire and can finally give me all the angst I’ve been waiting for and it’s so sexy when he storms into Professor Ha’s office ready to fight to the death. Yes! One of you should definitely die in this. Or both!


This episode was a lot better than the previous ones. Some of those moments had some power behind them. Rich Mommy’s relationship with her stop-mom intrigues me.

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  1. Kwhat?! says:

    I’ve been loving your recaps, but I haven’t watched this show. Can you explain why the mermaid piano is so important? And, seriously, show, why are so many characters still alive? You can always introduce new characters that deserve death as well.

    1. MadDino says:

      I’ll make sure to explain that in the next recap, but I’ll give you the short version here. The Mermaid Piano is typically referred to as the masterpiece piano. Rich Daddy worked with 13 artisians to create it for Rich Mommy, but then he made them vow to never reveal how they had made it and destroyed all the notes. The piano supposedly makes the purest sounds that a piano can make. Rich Mommy promised to reproduce the piano within a year of when she took over the company. That never happened, but she kept going. Now she has six months to learn the secret of the piano and start mass reproduction.

      I don’t know why there are so many living characters. I have a hard time coming up with nicknames for them. And if I can’t learn their name after 10+ episodes or come up with a suitable nickname then they really shouldn’t exist. Except maybe Rich Mommy’s step-mom, who is easily the only female character in the show who I don’t want to die. I only like to keep Rich Mommy around because she stirs up angst and will hopefully drive Ji Ho to insanity.

      By the way, I started Panda and the Hedgehog while I work out and I love it! I’m just not sure how long that will last because I’ve spent far too long scratching my head trying to figure out if there is a plot. I’m very happy with the cuteness, but the transitions from scene to scene are a bit iffy because I have no idea what motivates the characters besides trying to act as cute as possible.

      1. Audrey says:

        I agree with what you said about Panda and Hedgehog. Started ep 1 and was bored and moved on to ep. 2…I really like the second lead male actor and character. I somehow don’t really like the lead actor. But anyways, back to the plot, it really has no plot…so I stop watching. I don’t have a reason to continue, unless I see any spoilers that reveal more of a plot.

        LOVE your recaps on this drama, though, Rich Mommy’s mom is such a fun character, I always look forward to what she has to say. When Rich mommy’s fainted in the conference room, I was laughing so hard, …
        This drama is such a joy to watch, can you sense the sarcasm already?

        1. MadDino says:

          Well you should check out Kwhat’s website if you are looking for spoilers. She has recap up till ep 11. I actually fine watching the drama without a plot. I realized this during a scene where Donghae was talking to Panda on the phone and despite it switching back and forth between the two it felt like they were both talking to separate people. It didn’t make sense for them to be calling each other other, but I didn’t really care because it was Donghae and because all the characters are so ridiculously cute that they ought to live in a land where clouds are made out of cotton candy. I could send Fluffy Deeno to live there and be happy for the rest of my life.

          I’d definitely have a hard time watching this drama marathon style and without recapping in this in typical Deeno fashion. It feels like I’m watching Fashion King all over again. I loved recapping the show, but watching it got tedious way too fast.

      2. Kwhat?! says:

        Thanks, Deeno, for the explanation about the piano.

        It’s true there hasn’t been much of a plot in P&H so far, except for trying to make things as cute as possible and having a love triangle. But the last couple episodes (11 and 12) have started to develop a bit of story and conflict outside the romance. It may not be a great show, but I like it, and it’s a nice easy watch if you need a break from substance. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

        @Audrey, P&H isn’t for everyone, especially if you aren’t in the mood for mere cutesiness. There is some plot development in the second half, but it’s not a huge, complicated plot. Mostly I love the story for the bromance that develops between the male leads.

  2. DarknessEyes says:

    yes, i do agree JJH is looking smexy now. I was waiting for his revenge hair form ep 1 because that whole middle parting thing just was gross. Haha and yeah this was a better episode. So glad they can get to the murdering now!

    On a side note, rich mom’s mom is sooo my favorite character. she’s like the smartest of them all, even out smarting the evil manipulative mother. Thanks :D

  3. DarknessEyes says:

    yes, i do agree JJH is looking smexy now. I was waiting for his revenge hair form ep 1 because that whole middle parting thing just was gross. Haha and yeah this was a better episode. So glad they can get to the murdering now!

    On a side note, rich mom’s mom is sooo my favorite character. she’s like the smartest of them all, even out smarting the evil manipulative mother. Thanks for the recap! :D

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