Loose Screws | July 4, 2012


I love this show! I’m so glad I didn’t even try to recap this. It’s way more fun to read the Dramabean recaps anyways.

I Do, I Do

Why is this drama so slow? 11 episodes and nothing has happened. I like shoes and all, but really show? *strangle*

I Need Romance 2012

I’m watching this. I’m enjoying it. Not much else to report.

Alice In Wonder City

I never know what to think about drama. I think the only reason I like it is because it’s not your typical Twdrama. Compared to some of the other dramas I’m not as addicted, but I still appreciate how good it is for a twdrama even if it is slow. It’s dark and leaves me hoping that some one will die.

I Love Lee Tae Ri

I want to hug the flyswatter so much! He’s so cute!

American TV


It only took one episode to get me addicted to this show. If you are a fan of Gilmore Girls you should definitely trying out this drama. It’s fast-paced conversations are hilarious. It was the second show I watched after I came back from my weekend break. The first was SYTYCD.

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9

I really shouldn’t do this to myself, but it’s the one competition show that I follow. I wish I could dance as well as those people. This season I’m definitely rooting for Cole. I don’t know how long that will last.

My favorite audition was this one though.

I need to get an antennae so I can actually watch it live next week. I’m hoping this DIY project will work.


I love having time to read books

Selection – Kiera Cass

I wish it was more like the Bachelor and Hunger Games. If he doesn’t choose you, you die! Instead it’s some obnoxious love triangle. I get enough of that in kdramas. I don’t need it in my books! At least do it right!

Matched and Crossed – Ally Condie

This was definitely more up my alley. I read these two on my trip and they were everything I wanted from a dystopian book. Much more satisfying than my other recent attempts.

Stranger to Command – Sherwood Smith

I had so much to say that I actually wrote a review for it on my other blog.


  1. kaleido says:

    I am with you on Big.. love the show to piece.. i am not a devoted Hong sisters fans like a lot of people.. but I do enjoy their drama.. and I think I like this one the most for the last few…

    about I do I do.. i actually love it.. KSA totally awesome in it… this drama is very low key drama.. it seems very realistic to me.. i like the pace actually… i like the development and not rush the story.

    I need romance 2.. i am watching it.. but i can’t help to compare to the first INR… so far it’s fun.. but does not hook me like the first INR.. I know it’s entire new drama.. but not sure why i felt a little repetitive… but i am enjoying it…

    about Alice in Wonder city… i am wondering why i am watching it… it’s not the best drama by all mean.. the acting is so so… i find one of the female lead unattractive and can’t act… the other is ok.. the main male, aaron is too pretty and only serviceable.. but I do like 2nd male lead, Xiu Jie Kai.. he consistently good at his drama… 7 ep in and i really not sure what’s going on with the plot… but this drama is so pretty to look at and the music is great… so i am still watching..

    SYTYCD is such an addicted show… i drop all competition show except this one.. i watch with my daugher who does competitiive dance and now my son wanted to dance because of the show…

    1. MadDino says:

      KALEIDO! You’re still around! I haven’t heard from you in ages! I’ve actually learned how to knit now! I can’t do much beyond dishclothes and I really need to practice.

      I’m not a huge Hong sisters sister fan either. I loved You’re Beautiful the first time I watched it, but rewatching doesn’t bring back that crazy love. Not that I really rewatch many dramas besides Autumn’s Concerto.

      I Do, I Do is decent if you can stand all the office politics, but I can’t stand them.

      I never finished the original INR so INR 2 seems fresh enough to me. It does make me wonder why I never finished INR though.

      Alice in Wonder City…I agree with the pretty to look at.

      SYTYCD… I’ve watched it on and off for a while. I typically cheer for the people with the best personalities rather than the super dancers. Still a Benji lover. I was a Twitch fan too. I don’t know how this season is going to turn out, but I hope we get some stronger personalities. Or ones that I like.

      1. kaleido says:

        yes.. I am still around… i like to see what show you choose to recap… glad to see that you are knitting as well.. i have been so lazy lately.. time to get going on my accessory collection..

        I love twitch!!! he is fun to watch.

  2. trotwood says:

    Here is my “loose screws” comment partly because the banner showing above is Vaness Wu. I am anxiously waiting for more episodes of Autumn Conerto on dramafever. I know that the entire show is up elsewhere, but the quality on my computer from these other locations is not as good, and it would be a crime to watch Vaness Wu and Ady An (who may be the most beautiful woman on the planet!) with anything less than a clear picture. I know that this is an old show, and others are waaaay past their own fixation or canot recall their fixation, but I am so hooked that I can barely keep from sqeeling. I am glad I was alone in the house last night because I am really too old (and generally too sarcaastic) for the fangirling I was having during episode 10 when he shows up at the school to make his son’s wish come true.

    I want to thank everyone out there who recommended this show to me. Between this and the k-drama H.I.T, I am having an excellent “old drama” summer.

    1. kaleido says:

      I love Autumn Cocerto.. and Vaness was great in it.. never thought he is a great actor until i saw AC.. i owned the DVD and just re-watched the drama this past week.. such great drama.. it’s an older drama but this drama never get ‘old’.. love everything about it… the chemistry between the leads are superb… I have such high hope for Vaness in his acting ability until he did MQ… the story of MQ just went downhill after the mid point… vaness has some great moment.. but left me disappointed however…

      if you like AC.. check out My Queen.. it;s also on dramafever… that’s another tdrama that I love… also, Sunny happiness is also great.

    2. MadDino says:

      Autumn’s Concerto is my favorite drama ever. It made me a huge Vanness fan and even though he hasn’t lived up to that performance (as Kaliedo mentioned) in anything else I’ve seen him in, I still love him. I totally fangirl every time he’s on screen with Xiao Xiao Bin. I love the father/son magic of this show, which is something that will only grow with time.

  3. Twinkles says:

    Go cole! Luv him 2, and i’m not biased just because he’s from hawaii like me!

    1. MadDino says:

      I think my bias is more towards his style of dance. I love the fusion. I want to see more of him.

  4. Amanda says:

    Yay! Another Gilmore Girls fan. Ever since I started obsessively watching Korean dramas, I’ve been wondering if Gilmore Girls is even watchable for people who don’t know English. To sub all the dialogue in any given scene, you’d need to cover the whole screen with text for the entire running time.

    And I loved Matched, but haven’t gotten around to the sequel. Dystopian future/end of the world is my favorite YA subgenre. Have you read the Uglies books by Scott Westerfeld? They’re my favorites, pretty much.

    1. MadDino says:

      I actually like watching it with English subs. It comes at you so fast. Sometimes I understand better when I read. Especially with all the pop culture references.

      I have read Uglies, which isn’t my favorite Dystopian series ever. Better than Maze Runner though. I think The Giver is still my favorite Dystopian novel. It was also my first and I have a hard time letting go of it. Have you read Divergent by Veronica Roth? The first book of that series was really good.

      1. Amanda says:

        I haven’t read Divergent, but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it. (I haven’t even read The Giver, which I acknowledge is pretty shameful.) Sadly, my obsessive drama watching is cutting down on my reading time lately. =X

  5. Kwhat?! says:

    Is it just me, or does Cole look like he could be Daniel Henney’s brother/cousin?
    I can see why you’d be into Big, since there will be death. Maybe not bloody death, but it seems pretty certain that one of the bodies will die/is really dead. Maybe Yoon Jae is really a zombie.

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