Ti Amo Chocolate | Episode 13 | Recap

This is probably the last recap I’ll do for this series.

Secret Agent Thug tells Xi Hui to stick around because he likes her music.

Xi En spazzes out about holding Jia Rui’s hand and tries her best not to touch anything else for the rest of the day. She fails.

The boys, Xi En and Xiao Xiao think of ways to get Chef Su and Lady boss together. Their plans are failures and end with Xi En vowing to confess to Jia Rui even if this makes her “homosexual.”

Xi En dresses up as girl and meets with Jia Rui. She’s just about to confess when he tells her that every time a girl has confessed he rejected them because he has only liked one girl. She starts to tear up.

Xi En walks home alone in the rain and gets soaked in her dress and wig. Chocolate stays up late to wait for her, he knew that she would get rejected. He gets a text from Jia Rui to take care of Xi En now that he’s rejected her. Chocolate goes out to check on her. She walks right past him without noticing.

Jia Hua watches her cry from the other room. He debates what he should do for Xi En since he can’t go comfort her when Xi En is dressed as a girl.

Breakfast is awkward the next morning as they all try pretend that Xi En’s read eyes are from reading too much. Xi Ping asks directly if it’s from crying so Jia Hua brings up the ready made excuse of a ghost to distract attention. Xi En’s parents ask Jia Hua to take care of Xi En since she tends to hide her emotions.

Xi En tries to act brave, but everyone notices that she’s trying too hard to normal. They try to come up with solutions to fix this, but they don’t get far before they are interrupted.


At this point Viki had to remove the videos, so I wouldn’t expect subs to become available for the rest of the series. I don’t really speak Mandarin. Or anything besides English so this will probably be the last recap. Unless I decide to come back and fake recap the raws. Come up with a better plot than his horrid drama. No promises or anything. I nearly died after watching five episodes of this drama is a row. Gah! This drama is OK in brief spurts, but a marathon will melt your brain. You’ve been warned.

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  1. Mystisith says:

    Hihihi… I wondered how long you would last with this one. Maybe viki losing it’s licence is a blessing in disguise for us. So many good shows elsewhere. Plus recapping daylies… *Eyes full of admiration*. I would recommend marathoning this show to someone i truly hate… No grudge vanness: I still love you…

  2. daniela says:

    LOL :)) I ”marathoned” this in 15 minutes.

  3. Eli says:

    does anyone know where i can watch this with subtitles….?

  4. Haylee says:

    I was amazed by Vaness Wu when he starred in Autumn’s Concerto despite a few flaws (Vaness Wu really makes angsty scenes awkward…) and I even made my friend attracted to him. I looked forward to his next drama but after watching a few bits of Material Queen I saw this new side to him and it wasn’t a side I liked (Could it have been his character?) So after hearing about this drama Ti Amo I checked out the preview and I knew straight away this drama was going to go down hill. 5 episodes in a row???? I dion’t even think i could get through the first episode. I respect you for actually making it this far with this..mmm drama.

  5. Jen says:

    Hi, I watched brief cuts of the show and I have to agree with the previous reviewer. I loved Autumn’s Concerto and it was, imho, one of the best dramas out there. But this.. is something else entirely. Not just him, though. The entire cast was a little off. But I liked Wang zi though. :P His character was pretty funny and he was easy on the eyes. ^^

  6. libby says:

    i’m now on episode 50 (!!!! I know right????) and I love love love it soooo much. Vaness’s acting gets better each episode and their relationship is beautiful. I always used to be upset that the main couple would get together in like episode 20 and then the FINALE and I’m like so…..
    So this definitely fulfills that, and the drama is ridiculous! with no car deaths or crazy 1 in a million chance things. Dramacrazy has all the episodes on right now, so if you have 60hours ish (hehe) go ‘head and watch it. It won’t disappoint, I assure you!!!!! I watch one every lunch-time so i’m 50 days down, 30 to go :-)

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