Ti Amo Chocolate | Episode 01 | Recap

Vanness! VANNESS! Vanness!


Jia Hua, rich boy extraordinaire, is celebrating his birthday. He gets a package, chocolates and a letter, from his biological mother, an annual tradition. His father throws a big bash to announce that Jia Hua will now be made a general manager for their corporation. Jia Hua in turn announces that they will start selling chocolates, something the company has never sold before. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t shop anywhere refused to sell chocolates. Bad for business, but good for Jia Hua’s father who is raging war against Jia Hua’s chocolatier mother.

Jia Hua sick of his father criticisms and greed, decides to set off on his own with only the clothes on his back and the chocolates in his hand. He will become a great chocolatier and will bring down Willy Wonka and his domain of kamikaze oompa loompas.


On his way out his friend lets him borrow his scooter. The scooter is promptly destroyed when Jia Hua’s wandering eyes are distracted and he misses the big blue truck coming straight for him.


The driver, Xi En, is a hard-working girl who will take any job. This crash has ruined the flowers she was supposed to deliver as well as damaged her car. Jia Hua is at fault and Xi En will get the money from him any way that she can. She threatens to kill him if he doesn’t contact her, and takes off with his precious chocolates after snapping a few photos.


Xi En returns to her store to report what happened and ends up having her salary deducted to pay for the damages. She has no way to get ahold of Jia Hua since she forgot to take further information, but that’s fine since he’ll hunt her down for the chocolates anyway.


Too bad she’s upset with everything that has occurred and decides to rid her sorrows with Jia Hua’s chocolates. She starts munching is about to offer the last chocolate to her brother when Jia Hua launches an attack against her. She’s not weaponless though and her brother’s dog takes a bit at Jia Hua’s ankle. Vanness ankle, delicious?


Xi En tends to his wounds while asking for money back. Jia Hua has a “better” idea. He will pay for the fancy anniversary dinner she had planned to use the money on instead. He calls in a reservation and watches the happy family from the sidelines, wondering why his family never had the warmth their family exudes. All goes well until he realizes that he can’t actually pay for the meal. Xi En’s mother intervenes and pays the 25,000 NTD meal, an amount close to a typical month’s salary.


Jia Hua’s granny offers Jia Hua some money, but he rejects it since he wants to make it on his own. Instead she gives him a car, which he accepts and sleeps in since he has nowhere else to go.


Jia Hua later goes to a chocolate shop intending to purchase it. Xi En is also at the store picking up a few odd jobs. She notices a sign saying the shop is hiring, but you have to be male to be hired. She mocks Jia Hua who says he will come back with money and even offers his watch as collateral. Why is he doing this when the boss doesn’t even want to sell?


Oh well, Jia Hua goes out to sell the car, but it’s confiscated by his father. So he’s not willing to take money from his grandma, but he is willing to sell the car she gave him for money. Wow!

He so depressed that he has no money that he wanders the streets and get’s hit by Xi En’s parents. It’s a small hit, but he goes down because of prolonged exposure to the rain and they bring him home. At home he goes to the bathroom to dry off but ends up running into Xi En as she’s about to cut off her hair and bind her breasts in order to get a decent job. He trips and she loses the bindings when he falls on her.


I’m so happy that I get to see more Vanness. I’m willing to watch this drama just for him, even though it’s far from the best drama ever. It’s very similar to Yellow Ribbon Love, which isn’t really a good thing. Heavy on the Twdrama cheesy humor, but also heavy on Vanness screencaps! Ignore my fangirling!

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  1. Mystisith says:

    Yeah, the script is nothing new and not close to subtly, but at least Vanness seems to have some fun on the screen (he looked so depressed and skinny in Material Queen).
    He is gorgeous on that pic with the finger pointed at him, nice tan, nice haircut… Back to my Autumn’s Concerto years…
    I seem to see that granny in all the Tw shows i’m watching recently, i’m beginning to mix everything: Nice here, evil there…
    The female lead is not very likable for now as a stingy grumpy creature. That plus the convincing boy appearance makes me want to punch her.
    Xi En’s brother is a cutie. I want him to miraculously recover his intellectual capacities.
    Oh! And i adore the English Bulldog! Please Deeno, don’t plan killing him: I love flat faces dogs. They look ferocious but are the sweetest. (I had 2 Boxers when i was a kid and i can testify: They are VERY protective of their clan. But they are just big babies otherwise).

    1. Raine says:

      we totally narrowed in on the same screencap, mon amie! :D nom nom nom! My roommate had a French Bulldog and he was so cute…I’ll post a picture of him sometime!

  2. cassie says:

    i’m have a hard time watching it online. Do you know girls know where can I download torrent file for this?

    Excited to watch this, Vaness’ role suits him more than Material Queen. I agree with Mystisith, this is back to Autumn Concerto’s days.

    1. MadDino says:

      I’m not sure about torrents. I pretty much have to watch it on Viki because it’s the only source for English subs.

      There are direct download links here though.


      This drama is definitely showing off the better side of Vanness. Not the best drama, but Vanness is definitely better suited to this type of drama.

  3. Callie♥ says:

    what rock have i been living under?!?!?!?! i didnt know VANNESS WU had a new drama out???? shame on me, i love HIM!!!! …..hhhmm….oh yeah, thats right i have been obsessing lately about ‘the king 2 hearts” and “rooftop prince’ as of lately…..hehehehe….thanks MadDino im gonna have to add this to the list now (*_^)

  4. Callie♥ says:

    okay is it just me but ive tried to search for it on viki and its not there??? has it been deleted or did viki decided to discontinue subbing it?? any one know???

    1. MadDino says:

      I posted a note about that on the episode 13 recap, but basically Viki had to remove the channel at the request of the content holder. So it’s not on Viki anymore. Hopefully they’ll be able to get rights for it. Some day.

    2. Callie ♥ says:

      nevermind i just saw your posting about viki removing the videos on your last recap of epi 13….. oh well let me go back and read all your recaps, thanks!!

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