Crazy Talk | Ask MadDino #1

I’m yet again experimenting with something new. I thought I’d open up and allow my readers to ask away. It helps to know a bit about someone when you read their words. It’s hard to tell if someone is being serious or joking when you don’t know them. Hopefully with you asking questions, you’ll understand me a bit better and be more entertained by my recaps.

I’ll take questions for 72 hours or until this timer runs out:

Questions are closed.

If you find this post too late don’t worry I’m planning on doing it again if there is enough interest. You can always e-mail me or talk to me on Twitter.

I may refuse some questions, but it never hurts to ask and I’ll try to be gentle.

Ask anything that comes to mind:

  • about my website
  • how I recap
  • plans for the site
  • my personality
  • the things I like
  • the dramas I watch
  • the things I hate

Please, check out these pages before asking:

What I’ve Watched
About Me


  1. Raine says:

    Dear Deeno,

    I’ve been raising rabbits so that I can have an army just like you, because you’re my hero. But they’re going through puberty and just won’t stop fighting!!! What can I do? One gets offended by the others blue/black crackly nail polish and the other really can’t stand bakery cakes but that’s all his sister gives him for breakfast…(I have to delegate duties to the older rabbit siblings because my forces are swelling to epic proportions.)

    If you can help, please do. And leave your AK-47 out of this. They might try to steal it.


    the Pervert

    1. MadDino says:

      Dear Pervert,

      You are indeed a super fan. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I can’t give you all of my rabbit raising secrets. You are more of a rival than friend. I will tell you one thing. It is better that one rabbit should die, than a whole army dwindle and perish in the chaos of a fight.



  2. foraredrose says:

    I just watched Ocean’s Eleven, so my question is – what do you think of heist films?

    1. MadDino says:

      I love Ocean’s 11. It was well done and had fun characters. There was an awesome twist. Heist films are fun. Watching people plan a big crime and then see it start to fall apart because of one small change in plans. It’s fun to watch them wing it. I don’t like the long car chase scenes though.

  3. Mystisith says:

    Hum… I just read the others crazy talk. Can we hypnotize you before giving the questions? Just to do an interview Mentalist style… You don’t dance when listening to the Spice Girls by yourself I hope…
    1: What are your favorite drama tropes in dramas if you have any?
    2: What kind of music do you like? If you could take only one song to you desert island, what would you choose?
    3: Do you share my addiction: Digging for good fan MV’s of your favorite dramas. Sometime those short movies are better than the actual drama.
    4: What takes the most time in recapping : Watching, writing or screencaping?
    5: Did you travel a bit in your life, and where?
    6: Do you plan to watch Ending Planner, the J dorama with Yamapi? I didn’t like this actor before, but here he blows me away, and the story is really good.
    7: Are Facebook and Twitter useful to recruit readers for your blog? I’m not at all into social networks, and i’m considering the all question for my own future blog. + I’m not sure at all i will have the time to feed them.
    8: When you’re finished with Captain, could you do an anti-recap/fanfic of A Thousand Kisses. We can share the work: You prefer doing the beating or the handling?

    1. MadDino says:

      No, to Spice Girls, but get me a bit of Vanness or Timbaland and I’ll be dancing. Wherever I am.

      1. My favorite drama tropes, eh? I love Pregnancy, Amnesia, and Time Leaps. They are all physical barriers to love. Bettter than a misunderstanding or interfering parents. I also love when girls disguise themselves as boys.

      2. I listen to any kind of music. It depends on my mood. I don’t have a favorite band or singer since I typically only like one or two songs from each artist.

      Instead I’ll include a list of songs I like.

      mad world by gary jules
      cupid’s chokehold by gym class heros
      freshmen by verve pipe
      kiss from a rose by seal
      rainbow by oh land
      perfection by oh land
      kryptonite by 3 doors down
      the middle by jimmy eat world
      book of secrets (album) by loreena mckenitt especially mummers dance and the highwayman
      orrinoco flow enya
      Anywhere is enya
      Caribbean blue enya
      book of days enya
      be still my soul
      thnks fr th mmrs by fall out boy
      goo goo dolls iris
      bittersweet symphony by the verve
      wonderwall by oasis
      apologize by one republic
      smooth criminal (alien ant farm cover)
      someday we’ll know by mandy moore and jonathon foreman
      what hurts the most by rascal flatts
      Something’s got to give leAnn Rimes
      these days by rascal flatts
      summertime by kenny chesney
      i hope you dance lee ann womack
      what was i thinkin’ by dierks bentley
      i wanna talk about me by toby keith
      mayberry by rascal flatts
      why by jason laden
      my wish by rascal flatts
      everyime i hear your name by keith anderson
      tim mcgraw by taylor swift
      fortress by pinback
      warriors by ronan hardiman
      where’d you go by fort minor
      drummer kick by citizen copes
      steady, as she goes by the reconteurs
      i’d rather dance by kings of convenience
      pumped up kicks by foster the people
      the garden by mirah
      love hurts by incubus
      elanor rigby by the beatles
      clutter by ronald jenkees
      gives you hell by all american rejects
      miss murder by AFI
      handlebars by flobots
      apple and cinnamon by utadu
      the way i are by timbaland

      The list has been in the making for a while. I’ve talked about Asian music before:


      so it’s not included in this list.

      If I could take one song to a desert island it would have to be The Way I Are by Timbaland. So I can dance like crazy to it.

      3. I don’t look for fan MV’s of my favorite drama. I’d rather watch the real drama.

      4. I watch and screencap at the same. Take Care was an exception. Instead I auto captured screencap. This normally takes the least amount of time. It takes me anywhere from an hour to four to write. It depends on how distracted I am and how much I like the show.

      5. I haven’t traveled much. I still haven’t made it to Disneyland. I did go to Canada once and that was fun.

      6. I’ve thought about watching Ending Planner. It’s about a mortician! I wanted to marry a mortician when I was younger.

      7. I don’t used Facebook, but I’ve thought about it. I like using Twitter. It’s not really a way to promote my site though. It’s a way for readers to keep track of what I’m doing or talk to me. I’ve made a lot of good friends through Twitter.

      8. Some one recommended Thousand Kisses when I finished Ring Ring Bell and was hunting for a new drama to hate. It looks pretty bad, but it length was a huge deterrent.

  4. Min says:

    Deenovader: My dearest Sith-

    How are you on this fine evening? I’ve been having a stressful one because I’ve been obsessing over the background music in EC.. the name of it eludes me and it’s been driving me crazy, by extension my stress has been transferred to the boys in my Harem. I need a violinist to calm them down, what will it take to lend me Vaness?

    on another note, Why is it that everything in the world leads back to Star Wars?

    The Harem Master in need of Vaness.

    1. MadDino says:

      Dear Harem Master,

      This fine evening, I am tired. I plan to relax with a book or two. I’ll be ignoring dramas for the evening and it will be nice. Perhaps you should hire Raine to calm them down. She plays something that’s a mix between a guitar, violin, and hippo. I don’t lend out Vanness. He’s trapped for eternity.

      Everything leads back to Star Wars because it is the best movie ever. Let’s be honest nothing can beat a laser sword.


  5. Allan says:

    Hi! I just wanna ask, what will be your future drama recap projects? i have been checking this site most of the time, hoping that you will Recap Twelve Men in a Year and Syndrome. :)

    1. MadDino says:

      I responded to your comment earlier asking about Twelve Men in a Year and Syndrome.


      As far as other dramas I’m planning on recapping Rooftop Prince with Raine. I’m not sure if I’ll be recapping anything else. I’ll be testing out Love Rain, Fashion King, and King 2Hearts for sure. If I don’t recap they I may still write about them in a Loose Screw post.

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