Office Girls | Episode 25 (Final) | Recap


Kai Er confesses all of her crimes and resigns. She runs off and finds another job and starts anew with a brand new attitude. And I don’t freaking care.

Xing Ren runs off to Paris to join Mi Na and Cheng Feng. She wants to come back a better woman and asks Zi Qi to wait for her. In a letter. Really? You can’t even talk to him about it. You’re just going to run off?

Xing Ren comes back a year lady and now she’s all fancy. She apologizes to Zi Qi and they get married. Other people have happy endings too, but I don’t freaking care.


I’ve been recapping this drama for half a year. I really should have given up, but I’m too stubborn. This drama was cute and there were nice moment in every episode, but in my book it would have done a lot better with half as many episodes. It’s light on the plot and heavy on the fluff, which made it seem like the conflict of every episode for the last half was exactly the same. The amount of times this couple fought over stupid misunderstanding! Gah!

If you’re not a completist then the first half is pretty good. Skip to the last episode. I force myself to watch a drama from start to finish and this time I forced myself to finish recapping this drama even though I lost interest a long time ago. Never again.

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  1. Eli says:

    hahahahaha awesome recap, maaan this drama was just too cute to stop watching, but yeah that sums up the episode perfectly…. but i’ll always love ZI Qi!!!!!!

  2. Mystisith says:

    This show was honestly watchable only because of the chemistry of the OTP, and the hilarious manager who spends his time mixing taiwanese / korean / japanese and maybe italian or french, i don’t remember. And because of the funny opening. The rest is totally forgettable.
    I’ve started I Love You So Much ( just for Blue Lan and the guyliner, the script is lame ) and Fondant Garden ( a kind of TW Protect the Boss, ep 1 is good : Full of clichés you can collectionate ).

  3. Bexx says:

    I completely agree. I recently began watching this on Hulu. You know, I really enjoyed this show in the beginning, I thought it was incredibly funny, laugh out loud hilarious. Then that bitch Kai Er and all of the accusations and drama began, Urgh!! That was it. Fun time over. Now I find myself fast forwarding through all the episodes to the last. What a let down.

  4. Kesha says:

    That recap… Hilarious. <3

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