Crazy Talk | Date with a Straight Jacket

I personally don’t celebrate Valentine’s day today. I like to wait another day, when everything is on sale and restaurants aren’t crowded.

I thought I’d give some tips for how to celebrate Valentine’s with your own “beloved,” the Deeno way.

1. Make a seafood dinner for your “beloved”.

I’m sure they will be impressed with your ability to chop off fish heads and stuff crabs. Knife skills are essential. Let them know that you know how to deal with dead animals. They’ll never leave you.

Singing this song is definitely recommended while cooking a romantic dinner for two.

2. Learn how to make chocolates.

You’ve seen chocolates made in drama after drama. Time to venture out on your own.

Perhaps instead of hearts you could find skeleton molds or paint radiative symbols onto your chocolates.

Don’t forget the glories of dipping. They won’t know till it’s too late about the rock. You can always crush up insects and make a lovely truffle. Even bacon tastes better dipped in bacon.

3. Take a Stroll in the Park

Don’t stay holed up in your house watching dramas. There are many things to do outside.

Walk hand in hand as you wander the park killing off small critters. With luck you may even be able to find Dong Ah’s dog.

4. Watch a movie or drama

Remind your loved one why they stay will you. Not by recollecting the romantic past. Remind them that you are mentally unstable.

They should know what happens if you leave them for another man. (What Happened in Bali)

Perhaps that isn’t creepy enough for you. Try He Love Me, He Loves Me Not. What may seem normal from her point of view is his nightmare. Why give someone a traditional heart-shaped card when you can give them the real thing?

Let your loved on know that they chose you and there is no going back. Now you all know how I have kept Mr. Dino for so long. Pure fear.


  1. Sic says:

    This post will be a constant reminder of why I’m glad I’m dating Raine.

    1. Raine says:

      LOL No fear of strange or certain death

  2. Raine says:

    Hahaha. Pure fear. So that’s why he’s a ninja…

    1. MadDino says:

      Ninja does not trump Sith Lord

  3. foraredrose says:

    Love it, especially the skeleton chocolate molds! Reminds me of my friend with the fetus shaped cookie cutter xD

  4. thoughtsramble says:

    HI THERE my friend (er we’re considered drama friends right?:D)

    I actually left a tweet to you but I’m not sure if you didn’t see it or didn’t reply lol, which is fine, because I just felt like it was a long time since I’ve talked to you!

    By the way, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not is utterly creepy. The mosaic at the very end nailed it.

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