Wild Romance | Episode 10 | Recap

It’s kind of awesome having my morbid fantasies fulfilled. Now if only I could order that bus to run over other characters I’m less than pleased with.


Eun Jae says her farewell and the next day Captain Kevin shows up in her place. Moo Yul is confused and keeps asking questions about where Eun Jae has gone, like a little boy looking for a puppy. Tae Han tells him that they don’t really need Eun Jae now that the Karaoke incident has been forgotten in the wake of his other scandals.


Eun Jae mopes at home. Her family decides not to ask her what’s wrong because they are afraid she’ll actually tell them. She asks her father how his dating is going. He smiles excitedly and she asks when they can meet her. He tells her that they can anytime.


Dong Soo packs up on the rooms so he can make Soo Young an artist studio. Moo Yul helps. Dong Soo asks him how far he’s gotten with Jong Hee after Moo Yul wonders what it will be like to play catch with his own son. Moo Yul admits that he nearly slept with Jong Hee, but then the cat hissed at them. Dong Soo is surprised that would stop him, but Moo Yul admits things aren’t back to normal. All his joy with Jong Hee comes from remembering the past not in making memories now.


Soo Young has an uncomfortable conversation with Jong Hee. Jong Hee yet again affirms that she wants to be Moo Yul’s wife. Soo Young seems to be upset that Jong Hee is following the same path she followed, but will still be loved by Soo Young’s mother.


Pretty Boy Waiter digs through Dong Ah’s bag to find her ID. He’s been tipped off. Something is up. Dong Ah, watch out. He may be pretty, but he’d look even prettier with your blood splatter on his face.

After looking at her ID he asks her why she is working there when she’s not desperate for money. She tells him that she doesn’t need to work since she got a large insurance check after her parents died in a car accident. He remarks that dead parents are better than parents that abandon you. Poor, poor Pretty Boy with your abandonment issues. I’ll forgive your beautiful blood-spattered face if you kill someone, well anyone except Dong Ah. I’ll volunteer Jong Hee.


Dong Ah meets with Tae Han and reports that she is becoming more friendly with Pretty Boy. Tae Han is surprised that they talked about their parents and upset when Dong Ah suggest seducing him. Tae Han tries to figure out a reason she can’t, but all out is that she isn’t pretty and can’t seduce Pretty Boy. Hehehe.


Tae Han drives her home while eyeing her nervously. He asks if she if mad, but she isn’t. He then tries to invite himself in. Dong Ah is oblivious at first, but eventually gets the hint and offers him tea. While drinking his tea he admits that he didn’t come for the tea and wants to seduce her. She laughs until she realizes he is serious. He asks her more formally to date him and she accepts with a “Thank You.”


Eun Jae looks at her family photos and, no, it’s not suspicious at all that her mother’s face has been cut out. Dong Ah pops into her room to brag about her new boyfriend. She encourages Eun Jae to get Reporter Go, but Eun Jae tells her that she’s given up on “Reporter Go.”


Moo Yul starts his community service. His fans come out to support and cheer him on. Each time one is particularly obsequious Moo Yul imagines Eun Jae’s voice muttering about them. By his break he is tired and calls Eun Jae. She ignores the “Perverted Gangster’s” phone call. Instead she washes a rug with his face on it. I love that the one red thing in her house is what they use to wipe mud and poop off on.


Eun Jae visits her mother in a little florist shop. She buys white carnations, a flower used for the dead. She tells her mother that her father is dating now and uses that to degrade her mother. Eun Jae gives her the flowers, saying that she died a long time ago, but Eun Jae only recently got enough heart to feel sad about it. Eun Jae’s mother calls Eun Jae’s father afterward and tells him that they should cancel their plans. Eun Jae’s father visibly loses all joy as her brother watches.


Eun Jae gets a new assignment, guarding a woman who is trying to get divorced, and casually brings up that Moo Yul is looking thinner these days. Hehe.


Eun Jae isn’t the only curious one. Moo Yul asks Captain Kevin about Eun Jae. Captain Kevin explains that he though Eun Jae was the next national Judo champion. She kept attacking though and after she lost she couldn’t move and Kevin carried her away while she was still crying.


Dong Soo notices that one of the player is having a problem with his wrist. He gives some advice about swinging differently, but later hears the player complaining about the advice and wishing Dong Soo would just leave.


Dong Ah and Pretty Boy get off work. They separate, but Pretty Boy looks back at her. Dong Ah gets in the car with Tae Han and he drops her off at home. They make modifications to Dong Ah’s list of things she wants to do while dating and Dong Ah gets out. She goes in and we see Pretty Boy staring after her. Oh no! He knows where you live. He’ll sneak in and steal Dong Ah’s porn stash and Eun Jae’s Seagull paraphernalia.


Moo Yul notices some of his fans hugging a cardboard cut out and starts to ask Eun Jae if she does the same thing for her favorite player. One look at Captain Kevin is enough to scar him for life remind him that Eun Jae is missing. He hunts her down.


Eun Jae is done with guarding the divorcee, but as the client is about to leave her husband comes after her. Eun Jae steps in and the man starts to yell at her. He even asks if Eun Jae is his ex-wife’s lover. Eun Jae takes it, but when Moo Yul hears he steps in and threatens the man. Hmm. Now why does this situation seem familiar? Oh yes, when Moo Yul beat up Pretty Boy to defend Jong Hee. Moo Yul may not know it yet, but Eun Jae is on the same level as Jong Hee.


Jong Hee let’s her cat out after a conversation with Moo Yul’s housekeeper who notes that Jong Hee is wearing Moo Yul’s couple ring. At this point I realize that the writer must be psychic. I wish the cat would show back up a bloody corpse and it does. Admittedly, it’s a weak scare tactic. If you really want to creep someone out then you should just return a limb. They’ll know you have the cat and it’s in pain. They’ll also never look at packages the same way again as they fear the next package will be a tail. This is why you keep Timmy cats away from velociraptors.


Eun Jae tries not to interact with Moo Yul, but he insists on taking her out to dinner. He asks if she can really just leave him as if they are strangers. Eun Jae insists that they are strangers, but Moo Yul argues that she likes him and he likes her too. Unfortunately he adds that she is like a little brother to him. He does correct it and make her a little sister, but the harm has already been done. Eun Jae tells him that she doesn’t want to be his sibling. He assumes that she looks down on him and wants nothing to do with him. They conversation ends with Moo Yul telling her that he doesn’t want to see her again.


Eun Jae is about to leave when Moo Yul gets a calls from Jong Hee. She can’t say a word, but does manage a scream or two. He rushes to her side with Eun Jae and Captain Kevin in tow. He carries Jong Hee into her apartment and holds her as she thrashes around and tries to calm her down.


Eun Jae finds Jong Hee’s phone outside. She goes into the apartment to return it and sees Moo Yul and Jong Hee in bed… as he tries to calm her down. She closes the door for them and leaves.


Tae Han finds out that there were no video tapes of the hall so they have no suspects. Moo Yul wants to stay with Jong Hee, but he has a busy schedule. No! Don’t you dare ask Eun Jae to be her babysitter. Apparently, he can’t hear and asks Eun Jae to be Jong Hee’s bodyguard.


And this is where everyone who’s only read my Wild Romance recaps realizes I’m a psycho and flees. That or they permanently join my asylum as patients.

I don’t really feel that sorry for Eun Jae. It’s part her own fault she’s miserable. If she’d explained why was trying to steer clear of Moo Yul instead of just quitting he wouldn’t ask her to do such things. People who don’t confess irk me and right now Eun Jae irks me. Sure you could say that she is afraid to ruin her current relationship, but it’s obvious she’s not happy with the way things are now so why not confess and kill all hope, so she can start the recovery process.

Moo Yul’s frustrating too. You don’t ask to be a girl’s hyung. It’s just not right. She may be strong and masculine, but every girl’s got a bit of a feminine side. It reminds me of the time I overheard a child ask their father why I, a “boy” looked like a girl. How should one take that? How do you take it when the man you like asks you to be his little brother before remember that you are a girl?

I’m worried about Jong Hee’s mental disorder. I feel a bout of noble idiocy coming as Moo Yul stays with her out of guilt. He is kind of the reason why her cat died.


Well, I’ll leave you for a week with this picture and a reminder that Dong Ah also owns a pet. For now.

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  1. joie says:


    Thank you very much for recapping Wild Romance. I watched last night’s episode without subs and just relied on their actions to understand whats happening.lol
    Now, thanks to you, I already know what TaeHan said to Dong Ah. These two crack me up with their cute and awkward relationship

    Thank you

  2. bkhan says:

    Hey!!! thanks for posting the recap so fast!!! I don’t understand Korean so you helped me a lot!!! I hate Mu Yul not remembering Eun Jae is a girl…is it that bad for a girl to be physically strong??!! I wish they would wrap up the ex-girlfriend crap already…I mean there are only 6 episodes left and if they don’t get Mu Yuls to start realising his feelings for Eun Jae the ending is going to feel rushed!!! On a happier note how much did you love Dong Ah and TaeHan together??!!

  3. newgirl says:

    thank you for all these recaps!i am watching this drama on kbs world and now it is episode 4!
    so i read your recaps to have further information!

  4. Mystisith says:

    LOL ! Where do i sign to join the Psycho aisle of the asylum ?
    Because i wouldn’t have killed the cat but that crazy ex instead.
    Eun Jae is a coward, and Moo Yul is dumb, blind and heartless. And i loathe noble idiocy : It’s the worst idiocy in the world, cause it’s done by supposedly clever people..
    Saying i’m irked would be an understatement. That script is really lacking and emotionally unconvincing.
    Fortunately we have the entertaining secondary couple and vampire pretty boy.

    1. Y says:

      Me too! Go back where she cames from!

      1. MadDino says:

        You’ve both already signed up. Leaving more than 3 comments gets you signed up. It’s all a matter of whether I accept you or not. Prove your insanity. Hehe.

        1. Y says:

          Does having a baseball bat and chainsaw count! I’ll gladly off the ex GF for free! Hahaha!

          1. MadDino says:

            It might just. I personally rock a Darth Vader masks and an AK-47

          2. Mystisith says:

            Vader is my fatherly figure since childhood. Explains my anger outbursts and taste in clothing.
            But to trounce annoying people, nothing better than a T 800 endosqueleton in flames chasing his target in a dark narrowed corridor. With a dead end. I just find that entertaining and sexy. Should i book an abandoned warehouse or a factory somewhere ?
            If you found my psychopath acting convincing maddino, can i ask for a single room with black padded leather walls ?

          3. Angelitocurioso says:


            “T 800 endosqueleton in flames chasing his target in a dark narrowed corridor. With a dead end. I just find that entertaining and sexy.”

            Mhahahahahhahaha Sexy?? Entertaining? Mhahahhaha and I though that I was “psycho”!!! Mhahahahaha

            Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chavez1138/3838172803/

            Unleash the psycho in you!!!

  5. Y says:

    Oh ! Why did he tell her that she is like a BROTHER that’s totally asexual thing to say to a girl with very low self esteem with her looks!! He needs to suffer, I hope Eun Jae falls in love with another guy!

  6. Cruelsummer says:

    Yay…someone that shares my love for all things morbid. Looks like I found the right place. Morbidity and inappropriate humor is my lifesource.

    So yeah…I’m good now. My rage has died down a tad. I still don’t want EJ moping around with Bonnie Raitt playing in the distance, but sometimes that’s how love works. I will say this…if I’m not rewarded with an abundance of love, cuteness and heat once they finally do get together I’m revving up my chainsaw.

    Thanks again for the recaps. They are delightful.

  7. Love Joy M. Anteja (@joyybrn) says:

    yehay!!! I have been waiting for your recap since morning here in my place! Damn MY for telling EJ that he like her being his little brother, I want him to eat his words when he finally realizes that he love her as a woman, not as a man!

    1. NNN says:

      I agree MY should be left to stew and suffer a bit though it was cute to see how much he missed he and how quickly he rushed to her defense.

      1. Love Joy M. Anteja (@joyybrn) says:

        actually MY is already attracted to EJ, remember the scene where EJ is copying JH’s laugh and dance? he kinda smile for himself and then came the baseball player who has a crush on her……hehehe he immediately called her so they will not see EJ cute and feminine side, LOL! So I guess when EJ completely transform into a land I think somebody will go crazy…..hehehehe!

        1. Webfoot says:

          I don’t know. Could be he’s just a little possessive of his little guard puppy right now. He also misses her constant, comforting, weirdly loyal presence. But LOVE? Ummm. yet to convince me….

  8. kareliakara says:

    I understand EJ. I would do exactly the same. I am sorry, but I blame MY for being extremely dense.

  9. iamchelyn says:

    Love the recaps as I can’t understand Korean language and Episdoe 10 with English subs are not yet uploaded which is understandable it just aired… but you really helped me a lot…. I really love Dong Ah and Kim Tae getting together and to think their weird in their own sense but together they make sense and made it look like that its easier if you just made it clear… I think MY knows EJ’s confession is true but would not want to make it clear as JH is around and made it all more confusing but I guess he is realizing that the emotions are all based on their past memories and not on the present one… but I really hope this get resolved let say Episode 11. I mean its only 6 episode left and would really appreciate if the writer would not rush the episode leading to MY and EJ being a couple…

    1. MadDino says:

      I completely understand the frustration of waiting for subs. I’m lucky enough to have it licensed on Viki where I live. The subs are really fast there so I can get if out fairly quickly for all those who are waiting on other sub sources.

  10. sandar says:

    love the recap.thanks. i watch without subs so i now know what they r trying to say..

  11. leo says:

    left 6 ep wont’ satiate my anger and thirst to see mu yol shower love over eun jae….besides, i don’t want eun jae to be his second choice either..love ur effort..thanks..;)

  12. Bree says:

    I just happened by your recap as I’m waiting for the episode to be subbed. I’m laughing till I’m crying! I’m definitely going to come back here to read your recaps. Thanks!

  13. obsidian says:

    I totally knew something was going to happen to that cat!! Who the heck leaves the cat to play in the hallway. “My place is huge, but I’ll leave it out in the hallway…where I can’t watch it.” Seriously. I understand they wanted to kill the cat, but could the show have found a less obvious way to do that? Like maybe breaking into the apartment. Or like Jonghee could be outside, and the cat would wander off.

    I don’t know if it’s the acting or what, but Jonghee seems to be a few screws loose. Like she’s not completely there. Maybe her character is supposed to be carefree and simple, but she comes off as being a child. And the bed scene was pretty awkward. Although I did feel a bit of pity when Jonghee was biting on Moo Yul’s hand. And I guess Eunjae doesn’t want to reveal her feelings because Moo Yul is already in a relationship. Maybe if he wasn’t, she would tell him. I want her to go out with that other baseball player. His little crush cracks me up.

    And LOL at your first comment about people who only read your wild romance recaps will think you are psycho. I am one of those people. LOL. When you spoke about the packages and sending back a limb, I was like “Woah, that’s a bit crazy.” Lol. But now that I read your comment, I may just stick around. Haha.

    1. MadDino says:

      Thank you for thinking I’m a psycho! (That’s not sarcastic, I’m truly grateful) I tend to cheer for the villains in stories. Kdrama villains don’t seem to live up to their roles often. I’m always thinking of ways they can ruder and creepier.

      This drama is hard to recap as written. Much of the humor has faded at this point in the drama so I have to insert my own, which is dark. I hope that I can make people smile in spite of their frustration with the plot.

      If I were to recap this without adding that it could very well end up being a rant-cap. I also realize that this is the middle portion of the drama, which I rarely like in any drama so I can’t really expect for the main couple to be together yet. As much as I love the couple I don’t want to watch them to get together six episodes before the end. When that happens it means that a bout of noble idiocy is on the way and they’ll break up soon. I’d rather have them get together in episode 15 and spend the last episode placating Moo Yul’s family. Knowing Kdrama tropes, I’d rather go for second lead angst than noble idiocy angst.

      1. obsidian says:

        I guess…you’re welcome. Haha. It’s true, I was laughing throughout your post. They should have changed it up a bit, since we pretty much knew that the cat was about to die.

        And maybe this drama might be a little better if Jonghee was a better actress, or if there was more meat to her relationship with Moo Yul. Like I get the whole first love thing, and she left because of a valid reason. But I don’t understand why she’s back, because her illness didn’t go away. So what caused her to decide to date him again? I just think the whole story would go better if I was truly stuck deciding which person to root for, but clearly Moo Yul and Eunjae have more chemistry.

        And there’s nothing more that I hate than those noble idiocy moments! They frustrate me so much. They are so pointless!

        Looking forward to the rest of your recaps.

  14. shandita says:

    You R tha Bomb! (Plus an egg roll!! ) :)..Thank you for having this! Insane in the Membrane!!?-we kind of ALL are if we ended up here!?!…..Hey, if you can type and translate recaps….then you are the doctor!!
    ****There are only 6 eps. left!- AND STILL NO KISS!???
    So, I guess we have to wait till the last episode?!? (They should have left a knife or something that they murdered the cat with!) She was mean to that cat anyway! I felt sorry for it!
    (she could have murdered her own cat, and went looking for it!)…lol!

    1. MadDino says:

      I like your way of thinking…

      Is it translation if I go from English Subs to an English recap? Either way having me be the doctor is like having the blind lead the blind. I assume that by the time you get to my asylum you are already a lost cause. I encourage you to unleash your inner insanity. My role is to control who is admitted. Mostly hot Asian actors and morbid drama addicts.

    2. shandita says:

      S-H-O-R-T-Y!!!……………S-H-O-R-T-Y?!?????……Oh, I am just going to go and toss frantically on the bed and bite on my ex boyfriend’s hand!!!…..:(

      1. Angelitocurioso says:

        S-H-O-R-T-Y?! ROFLMBO!!!!

        That was a very stupid reaction!!! Bitting, is she a shark or something?

  15. asti_g_mei says:

    Yeah.. it’s hard to admit it.. but I’m already a patient confined in your Wild Romance recaps Asylum. Lol! I don’t like that cat much as I don’t like the ex! You can go roll a truck over those two. Hehe!

    Thanks for your hard work, really appreciate it and love your recaps.

    Fighting! c” )

    1. Angelitocurioso says:

      Not the cat, he is innocent of the ex behavior!!! Spare the cat!!! Please!! Mhahahaha

  16. Angelitocurioso says:

    Dearest Dino:

    ~First of all, I have a VVIP in your Asylum, everyone ask “whachudoing”!! When I just moving back and forward….Mhahahahah Nuf said!!

    ~Second, I got your back, when you say it is Eun Jae’s fault, darn it, IT IS!!! She should be honest with Moo Yeul and herself and tell him, “I know that you don’t like me and you are in love with someone else, but I love you, so, that is why I NEED to be far, FAR away from you! So now that you know, leave me alone, darn it!” Mhahahaha that is I would say to Moo Yeul!!! But heaven that is me!

    ~Third, Moo Yeul is so freaking dense that he is annoying!! How in heaven he doesn’t realize that Eun Jae is suffering, and that she change her behavior around him, since Jong Hee appear in his life? He is stupid or what? She was always mad at him, but now she is superduper mad and moody!! He is superduperdense and a total jerk not only for ask Eun Jae to be his little bro/sis but Jong Hee’s bodyguard and protector? I really think the morphine you use on him was expired or something, coz, heaven he is “mad” as hell and that is too much!!

    ~Forth, I have a theory Jong Hee not only suffers from Bipolar disorder, I think she develop Dissociative identity disorder (DID, also known as multiple personality disorder) is a psychiatric diagnosis whose essential feature, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), “…is the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states…that recurrently take control of behavior. [1] And her other/evil self is the stalker. A person with DID, don’t remember what the “other” personality do when is in control, so she CAN be the stalker and the sweet girlfriend, the same person, but not the same personality, now that is creepy!

    ~Fifth, You’re right about the limb part, I would send some part and a photo of the cat, saying “if you want him alive, leave Moo Yeul, and don’t come back, EVER” with some hairs and a leg or the tail….. See you are NOT the only psycho around!

    ~Sixth, I always love “secondary” couples, and Tae Han and Dong Ah, are sooooo adorable and sweet that it is making me puke!!! Really!!! Thank God I’m not diabetic, coz, those two are a sugar overdose, worse than a dextrose shoot!!!

    ~Seventh, I love how Eun Jae is in Moo Yeul’s soul and thoughts, even if he doesn’t realize what that means! I was waiting for Eun Jae to appear beside Moo Yeul with a sparkling tracksuit!! Mhahahahahah Wait that is another drama! Totally insane!

    ~Eight, Does Moo Yeul realize what he do and what it means when he protected Eun Jae, from the divorcing husband jerk? Well he is as dense as the moon, so he doesn’t know…*sighs* he just make my guts itch!!!! Mhahahahaha

    ~Ninth, When Moo Yeul told Dong Soo that his love with Jong Hee and their memories are in the past, does he really REALIZE that he is admitting that, that love is in the past and already dead? Coz, I can see that, and I’m on the Caribbean for crying out loud! Seriously, someone needs an appointment with Dr. Phil, coz, he needs to be put in the asylum too!! Moo Yeul, baby, let it go, what you do when flowers die? Toss it in the trash can, so, do that, with that love, that is DEAD!! Or it is that his love is a dead walker? o.O Where is my crossbow when I need it? Btw, the squirrel soup is delicious!!! If you know what I mean!!! Mhahahahahah

    ~Tenth, last but not least I love your dark humor, and I love your recaps, after all you are Mad Dino!!!

    I’m not going to apologize for the long post, coz, I’m insane…. Now back to the straightjacket!!!!! Mhahahahahahahahahaha

    [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociative_identity_disorder

    1. MadDino says:

      I must try long and hard to respond to this comment novel. I have the same disorder. I don’t have to be doing anything and people think I’m doing something funny. Intently staring at people while eating grapes is normal… OK , admittedly, I can’t keep a straight face when doing something like that so it is rather entertaining watching me try to be creepy.

      I’m not sure about Jong Hee being the cause, but I won’t rule it out.

      Thank you for all your comments! You’re awesome and I’m glad to be joined by others who love dark humor.

    2. NN says:

      I enjoy your long comments – they all resonate with me but I don’t think I need to join you in a straightjacket … =). Don’t know why this drama is not getting more love – the viewership numbers have been dismal to say the least.

  17. Rungirlrun says:

    I also thought there should have been prolonged cat torture when that scene came up. It’s not surprisng that Mu Yeol asked Eun Jae to protect Jong Hee, she’s the only woman he trusts with time on her hands, and he is dense and kdrama worlds are so small you could fit them on a pin head. But JH might actually be useful to Eun Jae, as JH might decide to make her a pet replacement, since EJ is so small and cute, and give EJ a style make-over she so desperately needs. And on a more awesome note, Dong Ah and Tae Hee are awesome! Though I initially thought Tae Hee would be Eun Jae’s no. 2:-/

  18. Webfoot says:

    I don’t know. Could be MY’s just a little possessive of his little guard puppy right now. He also misses her constant, comforting, weirdly loyal presence. But LOVE? Ummm. yet to convince me….

    On a side note, can anyone answer why everyone calls him ‘Pang Mu Yeol’ whenever they use his full name? Is it because they are running the words together and ‘Park’ and ‘Mu’ just don’t work?

    1. incarnadine says:

      It’s a peculiarity of the Korean language. When “consonant sounds” such as “K” or “P” are combined with the consonant sounds “M” or “N”, they change phonetically. So what we read in Korean as “Park Moo Yeol” is correctly romanized as “Pang Moo Yeol” since the combination of “K” in Park and “M” in Moo Yeol results in a change of sound from “K” to “NG”.

      1. Webfoot says:

        Thank you!

  19. Raine says:

    TIMMY!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

    But for real, animal torture really gets me. Ick.

    I think MY is so oblivious of how he feels. He just wants her back in his life and didn’t know how to do it.

    I kinda feel bad for EJ. I think she’s so inexperienced that it’s the most she can do right now.

    But, I want her to just confess already.

    BTW, a bipolar person shouldn’t be living on her own or drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a mood depressant…

    Also, that is totally not how to handle a person having a fit. a full body compression is better.

    I miss the other Eun-jae. the one with gumption.

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