Ring Ring Bell | Episode 15 (Final) | Recap

The end! So happy to be done with this one.


The tug-of-war team get discouraged when they sneak a peek at their competition. Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai encourage them.


Duo Duo tells Jia Kai’s sister that Xiao Jie is planning a surprise for Xiao Xiang’s birthday. She assumes that Xiao Jie is going to propose and warns him, but Jia Kai tells her that if Xiao Xiang wants him that she’d call him herself. Wow, I’m not even…it’s her birthday and you’re going to be stubborn. Idiot.


Xiao Xiang cries as she misses her father. At her birthday, Xiao Jie proposes to her and asks her to answer with her eyes closed as she blows out the candles. She tells him that Jia Kai is the only man for her and when she blows the candles out she leans forward and Jia Kai nabs a kiss from her.


Jia Kai and Xiao Jie planned everything to get her to accept Jia Kai. From the fighting to the birthday party. Yeah, let’s make the girl you love, fall deeper in love with you by lying to her. That’s just a brilliant idea.


Kai Li finds out that Jia Kai’s mother asked for her heart transplant to go to someone who needed it more. It could only extend her life a few more months, but could save another person for years. Jia Kai apologizes to his father, but he refuses to forgive him. He does ask to talk to Xiao Xiang though. He tells her that he’s sorry for his former rudeness, but is quite willing to accept her into his family. He admits that he was just giving Jia Kai some grief after Jia Kai had been so rude all those years. So this is where Jia Kai gets his lying ways from.


Xiao Jie asks his lady friend to move in with him. We find out that Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai met as children when Xiao Xiang’s father donated his heart, which was supposed to go to Jia Kai’s mother, but instead saved another person. And they all live happily ever after.


Yay for the hour-long happy ending special. Let’s tie in all those loose ends. I would have liked to see Ou Chen again. I was also rather annoyed by Xiao Xiang’s missing mother. It felt so forced when they kept bringing her to mention that she wasn’t there. And the phone conversations. What’s with that? It feels like the actress bailed when she realized this drama was going to be horrible.

Do you ever dislike a drama so much that you wish all the characters would die in a fiery explosion just to make it impossible for the story to continue any longer?

I can’t really say that this is the worst drama I’ve ever watched, but it’s close. If I weren’t recapping this I wouldn’t have finished it. I know that much. Recapping made it fun to watch as I picked out flaws and planned ways to bash this drama. Yeah, I stubbornly insisted on finishing this drama just to make fun of it and it was the highlight of my week.

Now I need to find something new I can poke holes in. If you have any recommendations for currently airing idiotic dramas feel free to let me know. Maybe ones that are about to begin.

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  1. Mystisith says:

    Oh ! Maddino, I think you’re a bit cruel with this show.
    I liked it even if it had some flaws : The actress doesn’t know how to cry. And the crazy kidnapping ( i will drug and kill you with a gun, dynamite and knife but oh, wait… I didn’t have the intention to harm you ! ).
    But all in all, i loved the OTP chemistry and Peter Ho charisma makes you forgive everything. I loved the Boys Trap which had everyone involved ( even if it shortcuts the girl mind power and turns her into a puppet ) ! I didn’t see it coming, and well, in love everything is fair. I should add it would totally work on me.
    So yes, the one who rated this drama as good in your poll is me !
    If you want an idiotic show to tear apart and so you can spit your venom, i propose A Thousand Kisses. It’s a textbook case of what NOT TO DO, with loads of unpalatable makjang. If you read the comments about it in the past DB Openthreads, you must have a general idea.
    So, thanks a lot for this one ! Waiting for Wild romance ep 8 now, Bye !

    1. MadDino says:

      Yes I’m cruel with show and I loved being cruel to it. It’s half the fun. When I turn against a drama I turn against it completely. I can stand a lot of cliche makjang, but kidnapping is the one that I never liked. To have it twice in a drama is ridiculous. I really did start out this drama with a lot of love and for Peter and Janine’s sake tried to keep my logic at bay and just let things slide. I couldn’t. I had a hard time enjoying this drama because of the plot. Chemistry was nice, but it needed another story to make it work for me. I found that the more upset I was with the drama the more I disliked the main couple and found their antics cheesy rather than cute. Peter also turned from charmingly confident to sleazily smug.

      I forgot my warning tag this time. I typically include an “I hate this drama” tag before I rant about it. To better warn people who love it.

      A Thousand Kisses looks promisingly bad, but at 50 episodes I may end up in a coma after banging my head against the wall for so long.

  2. siti fatimah says:

    lam quaite ring ring bell next season

  3. laila says:

    Whaha you’re awesome. Your ranting was a hundred times funnier than the actual show especially since I felt the same way. Sure it had cute scenes, but damn the stupidity did overcome the cute after a while. The moment that really stuck with me was the first kidnapping scene. I was trying to imagine myself being in that scene and how that would cause me to actually hate the main character. I mean WTF. I’m tied by my hand and feat, I have been beaten causing me to be unable to move myself, a bom is about to explode, but pleaase do finish your love confession. By all means. cause if you did that after you had brought me to a safe place it would be that much less romantic and i would probably run away in the middle. So yeah risk my life and yours for something uberly cheesy. For the people who haven’t noticed I’m being extremely sarcastic here. Keep up the ranting and recapping to keep people like me laughing and get rid of some of the frustration you must obviously feel :D

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