Roy Marn 2011 | Episode 07 | Recap

Finally we’re back to the wedding scene and Mark and Bee are forced to be in closer proximity with one another.


May prepares her new room that she’ll share with Mark. Bee catches Creepy being well creepy. He pushes her down and runs away, while Bee worries.


Pramook remembers being seduced by a woman and then blamed for getting her pregnant even though the child belonged to someone else. Grandma still makes him take responsibility. She warns Bee that Pramook has been gambling and to be cautious of her. Immediately after he seeks her for some money, but she tells him to talk to Grandma first. Pramook tells Grandma that Bee is his daughter and she runs off upset. She runs straight into Mark who is worried about her. He claims he hasn’t heard anything, but tells his father later. He calls Bee to comfort him in their unique way, by basically getting her mad at him instead of Pramook. Grandma reassures Baramee that Bee is not Pramook’s daughter.


Creepy lays in a flower bed thinking about May. He runs off to stalk her again. Grandma prepares for the wedding and Grandma points out that Bee usually helps with the traditional things, as she love Thai culture and tradition.


Wimada gets back to the apartment that Mark has provided. Hatasadin is there packing everything up.


Mark has a bachelor’s party, while May hangs out with Grandma, who is happy to see her getting married. May talks with Bee and asks her not to ruin her wedding. Bee only thanks her for giving her ideas.


We’re finally back to the scene in the first episode. Wimada shows up at the wedding and Mark is cold as she tries to cling to him. May is missing. Fon overhears that May is missing and tells Bee. The adults figure out what to do. They don’t want the wedding to be a ruin. Bee joins them and when Pramook sees her, he decides that she would make a suitable substitute for May. Bee refuses. Eventually she comes up with a good reason they can’t marry. They are first cousin’s after all. Baramee tells Bee and Mark that they might not be blood related cousins after all.


Well this is moving along at a nice pace now. It took forever to get back to the opening scene, but here we are. It’s about time. The first half of this lakorn drags, but from here on it has a nice pace.

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  1. ricky says:

    Okay, FINALLY!

    It took 7 episodes to get here. Phew~
    I’m interested to see how the dynamics of their relationship changes after the marriage.

    Thanks for the recap, Deeno.
    My new-found love for all things Thai appreciate your dedication in doing this :)

    1. MadDino says:

      It took so long. If I were to watch this again I’d start with this episode. Pretty much nothing happens in the earlier episodes.

      1. ricky says:

        I’ll take that into consideration if I decide to watch this lakorn.

  2. vish says:

    i like dat u r recapping but if u dnt mind can u tell me where can i watch this with eng subs [other than on viki.com] or if u know where i can get full recap..as in detailed one?….

    thnx again fr reacpping this :D

    1. MadDino says:

      Hmm. Let me think…Try googling phrases like “Roy Marn 2011 eng subs.” It will provide you with a plethora of results. If you want to find recaps please try this link https://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=roy+marn+ep+1+recap. Oh my, it’s a link to Google. Perhaps you should have turned there in the first place rather than ask the person who spends hours a day writing up recaps with little to no appreciation and who doesn’t want to waste her time looking up information for someone who isn’t satisfied with the recap already provided.

      Feel free to Google another site that recaps the way that you are accustomed to and leave your tweenbopper abbreviations there. (Being on a mobile device is no excuse.)

      thnx fr cmng!!!! cya ~~~~~ <3 ~~~~~ M@dD33n0!

  3. vish says:

    i didnt mean to offend or disregard ur hardwork in anyway infact i loved dat u were recaping this…also i really liked dis show bcoz of ur recapping wic gave me d reason to watch it…i did google n everything n wen i gt no good results dats wen i asked u fr help …since u were recapin i thot u had a source……m srry if u felt offfended but dat was nt my aim in anyway………….i didnt know i wud get such rude response…a polite no wud have been ok….anyways i still say srry if u felt bad n also dat i really like ur recapping……

    1. MadDino says:

      I’m sorry I jumped down your throat. I find the questions that offend me the most are asking when the next recap will be out and complaints/corrections of my recaps. My previous communications with you have been few and mostly consisted of you asking me when I would be recapping Material Queen. I politely responded even though I was a little irritated.

      Having jabbed at a different pet peeve this time I felt no inclination to be polite. I will provide more information if asked. For those who has spend the time to build a good rapport with me. I find information the same way anyone else does. Through Google. If I know the person and feel that they have tried finding the answer themselves, I will look for it.

      But to ask for another source of recaps is insulting. Recapping is what I do. I spend hours a day doing it. If you had asked for more information about the show in general instead of a more detailed recap, I would gladly point you to other recap sites and sources. Asking for another recap when I’ve already provided one is not acceptable.

      I was ruder than I should have been and for that I apologize especially when I gave no prior warning.

  4. Raine says:

    So…they could’ve crammed all the stalking and back story into 2 or 3 episodes, making them more interesting and us less bored. But then what would they do to get to episode…15 or whatever they’re going to?

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