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Kimi Wa Petto has finally been revived. For a while I was doing seven recaps a week so this took a back seat. Now I’m doing four and I don’t know what to do with myself. Three days with no recaps. Right now I’m keeping them open because I’d like to cover one of the upcoming Korean dramas. I don’t know which one yet.

Right now seems like the perfect time to finish off Kimi Wa Petto before I. It will probably settle down to whatever Twdramas are airing that doesn’t look horrible, a Kdrama at twice a week and one Jdrama. The Jdramas will probably be older ones. I haven’t watched nearly as many Jdrama as the other types so I still want to watch some of the classics and will definitely take recommendations. If you want to recommend anything take a look at the list of dramas I’ve already watched here.


Yuri, Sumire’s friend, wonders why she is keeping Takeshi. She recommends that Sumire make him at least work, but Takeshi kept hurting himself or damaging her stuff so she stopped.

Sumire also finds the time to chat about meeting Hasumi. When they met in the elevator last time she awkwardly left with only a few words. She felt uncomfortable and wanted to portray herself better. Yuri warns her that men like cute, bubbly girls more than cool and successful career women.


Takeshi’s stalker moves into their apartment. Sumire wakes up to the noise of him moving and finds the hungry Takeshi on top of her. He recommends that they sleep together and she pushes him out of the bed.


Sumire asks when he will move out. He replies that he will stay till he is kicked out. He invites her to his dance performance. She mocks his name on the poster not even knowing that she is mocking him. She replies that she is too busy with work and tells him that he is a useless pet and that they only thing good about him is that she doesn’t have to clean up his poop. He decides to prove he isn’t useless by spinning a plate. She tells him that she will go to his performance if he doesn’t play with her plates. In his excitement he ends up breaking the plate anyway.


Hasumi is the newest eye candy in the office and all the girls lust after him. Especially Fukushima who declares him to be perfect in every way. They are surprised when he waves at Sumire and even more surprised when she smiles awkwardly and scurries away before greeting him back.


Sumire spaces out in her meeting and remembers Hasumi leaving four years ago. They are both awkward and have something to say, but neither will confess their love. When Hasumi asks to take a photo together, Sumire is so flustered she tries to take it herself. Hasumi ends up having to take the camera from her and directing her to stand next to him.

Sumire is asked to write an article about the experience of wearing a mascot suit. She is assigned to wear the costume for four days at a theme park.


She runs into Asano Satoshi, the counselor, and he starts talking to her. She claims that she is too busy and Asano hits the emergency button to stop the elevator. He asks her what should would bring if she were stranded on an island. He says he would bring his dog and she says she would bring something useful. After the elevator resumes Asano runs into Kurimoto Haruka, the coffee girl, and is instantly delighted by her cute, bubbly nature.


Takeshi goes to dance practice and discusses his living arrangements with his friend, Junpei. He tries to clarify that he isn’t a gigolo, but it’s kind of hard to explain why he is being fed and sheltered for no cost. Junpei asks if Takeshi is working so hard just for her. Takeshi’s ex-girlfriend pines after Takeshi in the corner.


Sumire is given a mascot suit to wear. She is so awkward. At first she just stands there and has to be prompted to move. She just waves around her arms and is told to move even more. Some kids come over and knock her down. The kick her, but she can’t get back up without help. Once she get up she gives her most ferocious glare, for a bear that is and chases after the kids.


She gets home and is worn out and tired. She doesn’t even know what to do with Takeshi’s boundless energy. She sees the amusement park mascots on TV and turns it off. She notices that Takeshi has injured his ankle. She tells him to go to the hospital, but he doesn’t have his insurance papers. She refuses to take him since he doesn’t have time.


Sumire spends all night trying to write an article about her experience as a mascot. She is stuck until she sees Takeshi’s hand peeking out of his loft. Inspiration strikes and she is able to write.


She turns in her article the next day. Her coworkers make plans for her photo to be published in the mascot suit as a joke. She has had enough and tells them that she has done what she was assigned and will not be their target to make fun of. Hasumi overhears this and talks to Sumire. He mentions that they transfer at the wrong time and just missed being in the same department. She tries to explain the transfer, but he’s already heard and tell her that it must have been a very strong punch. I would take that as a compliment, but Sumire in properly mortified and goes to the bathroom.

In the bathroom Fukushima tells her that she was sent to her department as a punishment even though other departments wanted her and that her colleagues are just bullying her by making her dress up as a mascot. She tells her to stop acting strong because you can get further if you act weak and dumb.

Sumire knows this already, but it hits her really hard as she marches in the amusement park parade. She stops and just curls into fetal position, bear suit and all.


Sumire comes back home still wearing the bear head, but with regular clothes. Takeshi is surprised and she explains that she didn’t want anyone to see her face. She takes off the head and we can see that she’s been crying.


Takeshi tells her not to be embarrassed and wipes away her tears to make her pretty again. He tells her that she is cool and kind and good at so many things. She hugs him and thanks him. She tells him that she would take him to an abandoned island, reflecting what that counselor said earlier, and at least she would have fun. She tells him that she will take him to the hospital the next day. He’s excited to go together with her.

It’s amazing the power of that boy’s smile.


Sumire gets a call from Hasumi who invites her to a Noh concert the next day. He even tells her bluntly that he is asking her on a date.


Sumire agrees and is elated at the prospect of dating her previously unrequited love. She tells Takeshi that she has to work the next day, but Takeshi knows something is up and is disappointed.


Sumire meets Hasumi the next day. They meet Fukushima and another colleague. Fukushima had given Hasumi the tickets in the first place hoping he would ask her. Fukushima is quick to leap to the conclusion that the two aren’t dating, but just good friends. Hasumi suggests they go to the concert together and Sumire sees a truck promoting a wrestling event and wishes that she were watching wrestling instead. She suddenly remembers that Takeshi has a performance and rushes off telling Hasumi that her pet is injured.


She gets to the performance before he goes on stage. Takeshi asks why she is there instead of on her date. She is surprised that he knew. He says she is free to choose who she spends time with, but that her lying to him about it really upset him. His friends come and he reminds her to buy her own ticket to the show and call him by name. When she looks at the poster she realizes that he has a name beside Momo.


She watches him perform in awe of his skills. Dancing skills are so attractive.


After the show Takeshi is surrounded by admirers. She and Takeshi’s stalker watch from around the corner. She realizes that he has a completely different life outside of her apartment.


Sumire takes Takeshi to the hospital. He needs to rest the ankle a while, but should be fine. She tells him that he was the best dancer out there and wishes that she could have given him a bouquet. He is quick to point out that she is the one that doesn’t want to be seen in public with him. She tells him to go home and gives him money for a taxi, while she goes out with Hasumi


Hasumi tells Sumire that he was nervous when he saw her again because she was so beautiful, but was relieved to find out that she is still the same bumbling girl who lacks confidence. He tells her he was happy she took the time off four years ago to see him off. She says she was happy to go and even happier now to be going on a date with him.

Hasumi decides to walk her home. She panics realizing that Takeshi is at home. She tries to push him out of her apartment as quickly as possible, but he tells her that four years ago he liked he and was fine leaving, but now that he has seen her again he wants to date her. He hugs her.


Hasumi then kisses her for a long time especially for a Japanese drama. The break apart when Takeshi barks at them. Sumire can see him and tries to shoo him away, but Hasumi can’t see him.

One thing I love about this drama is that the characters actually kiss each other. It’s so much more realistic. I hate when a character goes through all this trouble to get a guy, but they’ve only kissed once and dated for three hours before the world explodes.

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  1. Raine says:

    I do like that although he kisses pretty badly…Hasumi always drove me nuts. In the manga too, but especially in the dorama. He simpers….simpers…ARGH!

    Anywho, MatsuJun really has the lines of a dancer even though he’s not. He should train. That first screencap you caught is proof.

    I love how Koyuki’s Sumire can be so hot/cold. It’s really true to the manga. Probably the closest of all the characters.

    I love that she intrinsically knows that Momo doesn’t judge her for having money, an education or looks. He doesn’t judge her at all. She is who she is and its so relieving to her that she instantly opens to him (save for sex…WHICH I like how they handle in the manga better….but thats neither here nor there.)

    1. MadDino says:

      You make me want to start reading Manga. I’ve only read Fruits Basket. Is that really all? The manga version of Azu Manga Diaoh? I could have sworn I’d read another one. I loved them to death, but the selection was so sparse at my library and I don’t have the money to invest in purchasing the manga. Kimi Wa Petto, Skip-beat, and Ouran would probably be on my top list to actually read.

  2. Raine says:

    This is how I read Kimi wa Petto before I bought it.


    It has tons of other stuff.

    Fruits basket on this site is terrible and I haunted the book store to read it. Heehee.

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