Yellow Ribbon Love | Episode 18 | Recap

So much for not planning to recap. Someone (you know who you are) messaged me to talk about my recaps. It inspired me to toss out a recap of Yellow Ribbon Love today.

I apologize for the odd watermark on all the photos. I just got a new update for my screen capture program and that feature started working. It’s also auto resizing my images, which should help load time!

Ting Jun’s mother tells Mi Ya’s father that they ought to get their children back together and that she has no intention of accepting You Nan. She finds out that Ting Jun is working as an architect. She visits him at his office and invites You Nan for dinner. He tells You Nan that he got a job and about the invitation. She doesn’t want to go, but he convinces her that she can beat him up after his family spews forth their evil words. She is obviously weighed down by the words Ting Jun’s mother says.

Manager Wu shows up at You Nan’s house. He gives her father two million dollars to send her brother to school. Manager Wu says that You Nan doesn’t have to agree to anything, that it is just a perk of You Nan dating Ting Jun.

You Nan is very nervous about the dinner and Ting Jun tries to cheer her up with compliments. Ting Jun’s mother is so nice it creeps me out. Then his father comes home and says that he won’t stay for dinner. He has a client to meet and that is more important than You Nan. Ting Jun says that she is important and that he intends to marry her. Where did that come from? You haven’t even kissed the girl. As far as we know. Ting Jun’s father accuses her of both trying to marry his son and taking two million dollars.

You Nan runs out crying. Ting Jun follows after her and tells her that he really does want to marry her and that he should have asked in a more romantic way. Proposing while arguing with you parents, yeah, not so classy. Talking about parents, they discuss whether their performance was enough to scare You Nan away forever. You Nan just wants to be alone. She finds Wei Jin, who comforts her while crying.

He brings her home and her dad wonders why she is crying. He assumes that it must be out of joy, since Ting Jun treats her so well. He tells Wei Jin about the money and he tells You Nan.

You Nan yells at her father for accepting the money without talking to her. She is also upset that he favors her brother and demands that he give her the money back. Or she’ll never talk to him again. Her brother says he won’t go study overseas.

You Nan wonders whether she did the right thing, when Wei Jin treats her so well. Ting Jun calls and wants to cheer her up. He suggest they go to the amusement park.

At the amusement park he can’t get her to smile. He says that his family issues aren’t her fault. He’d already be at odds with them whether she was in the picture or not. She doesn’t accept this and tells him to ride the merry-go-round. She takes pictures of his happy face, but ends up leaving in tears.

She calls him and breaks up. She says that she didn’t love him and that she is a gold digger. Yes! Lie to the one you love. That will make you happy.

You Nan hides at her friends house. Her friend asks if she really wanted to break up with Ting Jun. She admits she doesn’t. Ting Jun pops out from behind a wall and asks why she lied to him. She admits she didn’t want his family to be as messed up as hers. He tells her that he will work hard to convince his family and proposes. He tells her to meet him tomorrow and they will get married.

You Nan invites Wei Jin to dinner. She tells him she is getting married and he pretends that he is fine with that. All I can really say about this scene is that the actor must be starved. He keeps shoving food down his throat. Other actors will pause, but he just keeps eating. Wei Jin even makes a comment that he wishes he could be fed by You Nan everyday. This man enjoys food way too much.


About that ending. Just a bit of whiplash. I was totally hoping that You Nan would run away after that lie. Then she could come back a year later. Get hired as secretary again, but this time she would wear a blonde wig. Then Ting Jun would be oblivious as usual till he ends up making out with male You Nan and the wig comes off.

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  1. mcalkdrama says:

    Thanx unni for the recap. I lvd ur hypothetical ending much more. Maybe male You Nan could make a come back. Oh wel bring on the crazy.!

  2. MadDino says:

    Recapping this show would be no fun without crazy hypothetical endings.

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